Assembly of bevel gearbox

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2019-11-27 17:24

  Not only owns the perfection in partsprocessing, the integral assembly is also important for the quality of bevel gearbox.


  Composed of many parts and components, machine & device usually subjected to  some    specified technical requirements, the process of combining several parts into  components  and finally assembling them into a machine is what people called assembly.


  All assembled machine should meets the requirment of fitting  accuracy.  Usually,  such    accuracy included the distance between parts or components, mutual positioning & fitting, motion & contact, etc.


  1. Assembly & subassembly should be done under the sequence, interference of the parts should be eliminated, for example, before the gear in the middle of the shaft is  installed,  assemble of bearing at the shaft end should be fallen behind.


  2. Components must be qualified after being inspected by the professional  department.  Before assembly, parts should also be thoroughly inspected (focusing on the fitting dimensi-ons), and then they could be confirmed & assembled. Parts that fail in inspection, accepta-nce, unprinted or wet paint should not be adopted for assembly.


  3. Before assembly, the burrs, chips, oil and smudginess on the surface must be  cleared  or cleaned, and the surface residues of the boxes, worms and gears, glands, etc. must  be   also eliminated then apply anti-rust paint.


  4. Before the rolling bearing is mounted, it should be preheated in at 80 ℃ and calculated for thermal expansion. The transmission of force should pass through the inner ring of the rolling bearing. Place the unprinted side against the bearing surface during assembly.


  5. Parts should be cleaned before assembly. Rolling bearings should be cleaned with gasol-ine or good quality cleaning agent, and then blow dried with compressed air.

  6. During assembly, the gears, mating shafts, toothed shafts or other parts must be cleane-d under the press and assembled under the temperature differential method. The inspectat-ion of the contact, gaps (according to product standard requirements) of the gear meshin-g and bearing clearances,and check whether there is a smooth running.


  7. After the reducer assembled. The speed of the test rotation should be close to the rate-d speed of the reducer. It is strictly forbidden to add abrasives and impurities to the lubric-ating oil during such process and the tooth surface contact rate must  meet  the  required   level.


  8. After assembly and commissioning, all parts should be cleaned again and greased. Seali-ng glue should be applied to the joint surface of the case, cover and juncture. After bondi-ng, tighten parts with bolts and apply oil seal.


  9. After the assembly is completed, refueling and test run, after 20 minutes operation of   forward and reverse, if there is no abnormal sound, in the inspector put it into the wareho-use after paint check.



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