The result of the leakage of lubricant of bevel gearbox

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2019-11-29 17:39

  Bevel gearbox, a widely used equipment used by industrial enterprises. Once the oil leaks, economic loss would be cuased and might also cause the oil  lessened  and  cut,  all  these  elements might caused the equipment accident.


  In addition, the oil leakage has a severe pollution to the surrounding environment which would have a corrosive effect on the foundation. It is not only destroys civilized productio-n, but also wastes a lot of recoverable and renewable lubricants.


  Next, we would discuss the leakage problems.

  1. The pressure in the fuel tank is increased. In the  closed  reducer, each pair of  gears    would generate heats when friction occurs. According to Boyle's Law, the temperature   in the gear box gradually increases with the lasting operation time. Temperature rises while   the volume of the gear box is constant, the pressure inside the box would be simultaneous-ly increased, and the lubricating oil would be splashed on the inner wall of the box. Due   to the strong permeability of the oil, it would leak out from the weak sealing place.


  2. The unreasonable structural design would cause the oil leakage. For example, if the bev-el gearbox is designed without a ventilation hood, which cannot achieve pressure equalizati-on,and causes the pressure inside the box become higher and  higher, then  oil  leakage  occurs.


  3. During the operation, the heavy agitating would be caused , and the lubricating oil spla-shed everywhere in the machine. If there is an over oil fueling, a large amount of oil would be accumulated on the shaft seals and the joint surfaces, which resulting in leakage. In the view of this problem, we should leave a certain expansion space when adding lubricants.


  4. If oil is over added, the oil pool will be stirred up a lot when the equipment will  start  up, then the oil will be splashed everywhere in the machine. The over fueling will be accum-ulated on the shaft sealing & the joint surfaces, which caused the leakage.


  5. Improper maintenance when overhauled, the incomplete removal of dirt on  the  joint  surface, or  improper  selection of sealant, reverse installation of seals, and failure replacement of seals would also cause oil leakage.

  The causes of oil leakage are different in the various using cases, and specific cases need to be analyzed specifically.

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