Oil leakage of bevel gearbox

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2019-12-04 11:41

  For theproblem of oil leakage, the countermeasure should  be  emphasize, which  means  that the premise of leak prevention should be taken as first. Following we would  describe  the principle and method of preventing oil leakage.


  1. The oil leakage of the sprial bevel gearbox is mainly caused by the increase of pressure inside the box. Theref-ore, it should be equipped with the corresponding ventilation hood to achieve equal pressure. The size of hood should be according to installation. The simpler inspection method is to open the cover of the ventilation  hood,  after the device has been running at high speed for five minutes, touch the ventilation with your  hands.  If  the  pressure difference is large, the ventilation hood is small. Largen or raised hood can be adopted for the solution.


  2. To make an allowance that the oil spilled on the inner wall of the box flows back to the oil  tank  as  soon  as  possible, which also means that oil not remains on the sealing end of shaft, all these processes help to prevent oil from leaching along the shaft head.


  3. Improve the structure of the shaft sealing

A. Structure improvement for the sealing of bevel gearbox, which owns a half output shaft


  Disassembling the device, removing the coupling, and taking out the sealing cover of the shaft end.  According  to the size, install the skeleton oil seal on the groove which outside of the original end cap. When  reassembling,  if the end cover is more than 35 mm from the inner end face of the coupling, a spare oil seal can be installed out-side the shaft end cover. Once the original one fails, the damaged oil seal can be removed and the spare oil seal can be pushed into, which eliminates the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive processes such as unders-tanding the structure of spiral bevel gearbox and couplings disassembling.


B. Sealing improvement for the output shaft of bevel gearbox which is the entire shaft.


  In order to reduce the workload and simplify the installation procedure, a separable end cap was designed and an open oil seal was adopted. The outer side of the split end cover can be machined. When installing the oil seal, first remove the snap spring, saw the oil seal to cut into an opening shape, put the oil seal on the shaft from the opening, butt the opening with an adhesive, and open it up Install the spring and push in the end cap.

  4. Polymer composites adopted


  Materials based on polymer, metal or ceramic ultra-fine powder, fiber, etc., is compounded under the action of curing agent and accelerator. Various materials draw on each other's strengths in performance and produce syne-rgistic effects, making the comprehensive performance of composite materials better than the original composit-ion. With the features of strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance, it is widely used in the repair of mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leaks, casting trachoma and other  chemical  storage  tanks  in  metal equipment, such as the  protection and repair of chemical tanks, reaction tanks and pipelines. For the leaka-ge of the static seal point of the product, polymer composite materials and technology can be used to treat the leakage on site without disassembly. If there is oil leakage at the static seal point during the operation, it can be blocked by emergency repair agent on the oil surface and eliminates the oil leakage.


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