Detection process of worm gear of screw jack

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2019-12-23 10:29

Trapezoidal screw jack is linear motion product whose quality inspection plays a critical role of the whole manufacturing process. And the most important part of all is the inspection of internal worm gear and worm shaft! So the testing part of the worm gear and worm shaft takes a large percentage of the inspection as we can tell. In the following article, Nosen will introduce you the specific inspection procedure of the trapezoidal screw jack and other linear motion product:



Common normal line inspection

Ranks: level 8 is the lowest(raw grinding), level 7(specific grinding), level 6 and lower has one more machining besides grinding. Usually level 7 inspection is good enough.

Confirmation of gear teeth quantity: Firstly, we will check how many teeth of the worm gear in order to confirm gear teeth quantity. Then we will find the inspection tolerance of the common normal line in the standard.



Accumulative error

To Place the gear vertically along with its standard face, using double lifting, side lifting and side pressing or dabber is OK. Adding dial indicator on the intersecting surface of the worm gear by inflection instrument to read the tolerance.



Consecutive gear teeth tolerance

To test by the common normal line and read the maximum data, reducing at least 6.



Skipping inspection

End face skipping: To Place the gear vertically along with its standard face, using double lifting or side lifting and side pressing. But only read the first part of dial indicator at the end face, Please note, there is only one standard face of the gear and it is usually grind.

Top of teeth skipping: placing the testing dabber between the 2 teeth along the standard face, the first part of the dial indicator at place of 12 can be read. Checking multiple spot, read the maximum data.



Inspection of meshing area and top of gear teeth

Fabricating a standard worm shaft, to inspect directly by calliper.

Checked on standard, using minium or green oil to inspect the engaging area.



Position Checking

Simulating an operation position. Check the standard first and then use the minium or green oil to inspect the engaging position. Double direction worm gear must be inspected its both sides. Multiple ends worm shaft can be inspected after marked and rotated for 180 degree.



Thats all for the inspection of worm gear and worm shaft. We should be careful when we use them. We hope our product will serve a long lifespan for our customer. Nosen has a professional after-sales team, if you want to know more about our screw jack, welcome to contact us.


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