The relation between screw length and ultimate load

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2019-12-23 10:52

There are lots of questions upon the stroke and selection of the screw jack among our customers. Parts of the customer have the over length stroke when they select a screw jack model. We, Nosen Company, will help our customer choose the suitable screw jack during the process of model selection, considering customers application and screw jack safety effect.


We will recommend our customer a big screw jack model when the the customers lifting load is not big but stroke is long. This is really confusing our customer, like they will thought is it really necessary to choose such big model even my lifting load is small? We will answer all your questions at the following passage.


The main selecting elements of the screw jack are: lifting load(KN), stroke(MM) and lifting speed(M/min). 



The allowable buckle torque is given from the illustration, which shows the relationship between the length of screw and their lifting limit. We will find the suitable screw jack model as per that relationship.


When the screw jack model and lifting load are chosen(the allowable lifting speed under the lifting load of different screw jack model), if the lifting speed can not support the requirement, then bigger model should be chosen.



The discrimination of screw jack stroke will influence the lifting capacity directly, hence, customer should concern the relationship between the screw jack lifting capacity and length of their stroke. The longer of the stroke the bigger load force it will have when the screw jack is in operation.


It is a really important part for the screw jack selecting, we need detail requirements or data from our customers so that our engineer will recommend you the suitable screw jack according to those information.



If your project needs a very long or high stroke for the load, you can also choose the lifting system to solve this kind of problem. You dont need to worry about the selection.


Though you provide the details, our technical engineers still need run much of calculation in order to make sure the model we recommend is best for you. The calculation between the length of screw and lifting load limit is the most important part.


If you have any questions or special model selection, please feel free to contact NOSEN, we will provide you the desirable solution.


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