Nosen servo cylinder closed - loop control

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2019-12-23 11:00

Nosen servo cylinder is a combination product which consists of servo motor and cylinder. It is a new product that turning the fast and accurate rotating motion of servo motor into highly accurate linear motion, which is of high carbon, noiseless, impact force resistance and less maintaining and so on advantages. It is highly used.


1.Highly accurate motion control, simple circuit, easy operation.

2.All closed-loop fast simulating and data collecting control system that precisely control the pushing force of the servo cylinder. 


3.It is equipped with grating ruler outside and runs all closed-loop control, positioning accuracy is less than 0.01mm.


4.Multiple stages of speed function makes easy adjustment of speed of each stage and position specifications. It is highly accurate positioning and easy operating.


5. Pressure keeping timing setup, force time curve.




Closed-loop servo control


It is closed-loop minus feedback PID adjusting system which is run inside the servo driver. This is the system which supplies current to each phase of the servo motor by the Hall inspecting driver devise, giving the minus feedback to the current and setting the PID adjustment, so that the output current is close or equal to the given current.



Position control mode confirm the rotating speed usually by the frequency of the external pause. The rotating angel is determined by the quantity of the pause. Some servo can provide data for the speed and motion by communications. Position control model can strictly control the speed and position, so it is used for positioning device, like CNC machine, printing machine and so on.



Torque control

The control method of the servo cylinder torque is accomplished by the external stimulation input or direct given data address, so it can be set the motor shaft torque to the outside. For example, when 10v is with torque of 3.18Nm, then if you stimulate the voltage of 5v and the torque will be 1.59Nm. If the torque of the motor shaft is less than 1.59Nm the motor goes clockwise, the motor will be stop while it is equal to 1.59Nm, the motor goes anti-clockwise while it is bigger than 1.59Nm. You can change the stimulation to change the torque and you can also change the communications to the data address to do so. This applications is seriously restricted from the force to the material of the winding and unwinding inside the device. In the meanwhile, you can inspect more by installing the force sensor outside. Torque model servo cylinder can generate big load, which can completely replace the normal cylinder and partly replace the hydraulic cylinder, besides, it is upgraded at lifespan, maintaining, cleaning and so on.



Speed mode

You can control the rotating speed by the input stimulation and frequency of the pause. You can also location when the outer ring PID of the upper control device is operating, though, you have to transmit the position signal and direct load position signal to the upper control device for calculation first. Position control mode also supports direct outer ring inspecting position signal and the motor shaft encoder only inspect the motor rotating speed at this time, so the position signal is transmitted by the final load end inspecting device directly. The advantage of this is reducing the mistake during transmitting, increasing the positioning accuracy of the whole system.


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