Points for attention in different working conditions of ball screw jack

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2019-12-24 10:52

The ball screw jacks are different from different screws, for which the purpose of the application will be different. What kind of working condition is suitable for the ball screw depends on the different purpose in different working condition and environment. Nosen will tell you what should be concern in the following passage:




1.Personnel is not allow to force the ball screw jack stop working while they are working, which will cost critical damage to the ball screw jack.



2. Manual operation is not allowed when the ball screw jack is loaded as the load may lead to extremely fast rotation of input shaft which is harmful to personnel.



3.If the working environment is dusty, protection of dust-proof elastic cover is necessary for the screw. In order to protect the ball screw jack from corrosion of rain and wind, please do consider to use certain protection cover when the ball screw jack work outside.



4.Different type of lubrication should be selected at different temperature. Under 0 Celsius degree, low temperature lubrication will be recommended. At high temperature, there is special lubrication for it. The screw jack working efficiency will be reduced by the influence of lubrication viscosity variation at different temperature for which it is necessary to choose sufficient power source.



5.The temperature of the screw jack house can not be overheated when the ball screw jack is working. Generally 0 - 50 Celsius degree will be optimal as well as the surface temperature of the working nut. Ball screw jack is best for high speed and frequent application so it will be worked for different environment.



The main advantages of Nosen ball screw jack is fast and accurate, depending on some of the components of the ball screw jack, the sophisticated ball screw and worm gear worm shaft. Ball screw jack is best for high speed, frequent and long working time machine. Rolling friction is generated by the lubrication that reduces rolling drag force between the ball and screw and increases their moving force. The surface of the ball screw should be cleared up before injecting the lubrication, like remove the dust and particulate matter in order to prevent such object from abrading the ball screw. The lifespan of the ball screw jack is longer than the trapezoidal screw jacks as the ball screw jack is with high quality ball screw which is 3 times of lifespan longer than the trapezoidal ones.



Protection cover is suggested for the ball spindle of the ball screw jack which prevent most of the dust and particulate matter from getting into the ball screw nut. It is largely reducing the abrasion of the matter to the ball screw.



The ball screw nut is applied a rust-proof oil before it is dispatched. The rust-proof oil should be removed before injecting the lubrication.


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