Linear movement, the anti-rotation function of the screw elevator is indispensable!

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2020-10-23 09:33

We have already understood some advantages of the screw elevator, so we will not make too many statements today. However, we have not explained much about some parts of the elevator, such as its several head forms, anti-rotation device, limiting device, dust cover, protective cylinder, support and so on. Today we will focus on its anti-rotation function. In the screw elevator type selection, often will appear a vocabulary, anti - rotation. There are two types of elevator structure, the general type and anti - rotation type.

For the screw lifting type elevator, during the use, if the screw head is not fixed, then the screw will spin in place and can not do the action of rising and falling, need to add anti-rotation device to ensure the straight movement of the elevator. When the screw elevator needs a single jacking object, it must be equipped with anti-rotation when the object is not fixed and needs to go straight up and down without a guide device. The anti-rotation function of the screw elevator can play a very good protective role.

This anti-rotation function is generally used to add anti-rotation blocks according to customers' requirements when single or multiple lifts are used to lift the goods. Anti-rotation device is actually very simple, is installed at the bottom of the screw rod anti-rotation of a square copper plate, and the lift square protection tube four walls, so as to achieve the anti-rotation effect, even if the screw rod head is not fixed can also be normal rise and fall. In addition to adding anti-rotation copper, there is also a method of cutting a slot in the screw rod for anti-rotation effect.

When placing an order, the technician will verify with you the specific use of the screw elevator to determine if anti-rotation device is needed.


But if it is a lift platform, there is no need to add. Because the lift platform generally needs to use four or more sets of equipment to linkage, at this time between many lifts have been through the platform installation surface constraints, played the role of anti-rotation, so there is no need to add. The anti-rotating block is at the low end of the screw rod. The anti-rotating block is driven to move in the guard cylinder by the rotating movement of the screw rod. However, since the shape of the anti-rotating block matches the guard cylinder, the anti-rotating block cannot rotate, so the lead screw is driven to move up and down directly.


The operating environment of NOSEN screw elevator generally has the following requirements:

1. The power used is the parameter under the condition that the ambient temperature is 20℃ and the working duration rate is 20% per hour.

The total efficiency is the parameter under the condition of grease lubrication.

3. The allowable torque, power and speed are different when lifting different loads, and the high power with different starting rate is different.

4. For the screw elevator with double guide sleeve, the screw is allowed to bear a certain lateral force in addition to axial force.

5. worm shaft extension is allowed to bear a certain radial force, allow the installation of gear, sprocket or pulley.

The above is the anti-rotation analysis of the screw elevator, I hope to help you, if you have any questions, welcome to call our company's NOSEN electromechanical hotline for consultation.




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