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2020-11-02 16:22

With its unique transmission mode and high quality product performance, the spiral bevel gearbox has been favored by users. The spiral bevel gearbox has multiple advantages such as elegant appearance, strong adaptability, good heat dissipation performance, strong bearing capacity and long service life.


The installation mode of the spiral bevel gearbox is various, with double input shaft and double output shaft. There are two pairs of bevel gears inside. The input direction of the double umbrella neck is opposite, and the output direction of the middle pass shaft is the same. It is convenient to combine with other machines in various ways, with strong adaptability and convenient configuration. Moreover, it is safe and reliable with smooth transmission, high efficiency, low noise and high efficiency.

  1. Check the spiral bevel gearbox before installation

A. The installation shaft should be cleaned before the machine is used. And check whether there are any bruises and dirt on the installation shaft. If there are any, clean them all.

B. The operating temperature of the crosswalk is -20 ℃~+80 ℃.

C. Check whether the matching size of the connection hole with the commutator meets the requirements, and the tolerance of the hole shall be H7.

D. The plug at the highest position should be replaced with an exhaust screw plug before use to ensure that the air is discharged from the body during the operation of the commutator



  1. Installation of spiral bevel gearbox

A. The commutator can only be installed on flat, shock-absorbing, torsional support structures.


B. Under no circumstances shall a hammer be used to hammer a pulley, coupling, pinion or sprocket into the output shaft, as this will damage the bearing and shaft.



3. Use and maintenance

A. Check whether the commutator is flexible after installation. No load test must be carried out for official use. Under normal operating conditions, the system should be gradually loaded

B. Commutator is strictly prohibited to exceed the rated load.

D. Check whether the oil level of the commutator is normal before use and during operation. The machine has been filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. The lube oil of the rotol cross steering gear adopts hd320-680, which has the characteristics of low rotating speed, light load, heavy load and high temperature resistance.


  1. Oil change system

Replace the lubricating oil after the machine runs for 300 ~ 400 hours for the first time, and replace the lubricating oil every 1500 ~ 2500 hours thereafter. The lubricating oil should be inspected every half a month in the working environment with bad working environment, high temperature and large dust. If any dirt is found in the lubricating oil, the lubricating oil should be replaced, so as to keep the lubricating oil clean, extend the service life of the commutator and improve economic benefits.


5. Oil change

The primary factor in the selection of lubricating oil for the spiral bevel gearbox is viscosity. Viscosity is a very important physical and chemical index of gear oil, gear meshing speed is the main index to choose viscosity. Suitable reducer gear oil viscosity, can make the internal friction of lubricating oil small, resulting in gear surface wear and transmission noise, vibration, etc. greatly reduced.

The above is part of the information of the spiral bevel gearbox, which is provided by dongguan NOSEN mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD. If you need to know the price, delivery date, type selection, parameters and other information of various types of ball screw jack,  screw jack and spiral bevel gearbox, please contact the company further.


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