Analysis of various movement forms of screw jack

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2020-11-03 15:48

Speaking of the worm and worm gear structure screw jacks, it is a simple and easy-to-control lifting machine that has just been applied for the production and life of people in recent years. The super adaptability and flexible use method make this mechanical equipment quickly replace other lifting products, and become one of the necessary products for industrial production, electronics industry, automation equipment and so on.

The usage of the screw jacks should be in the concept of fixing the box or anchor plate of the lifter, and moving the screw or the nut on the screw to drive the load to make a linear displacement. However, in some cases, you can fix the two ends of the screw to connect the box to the load and drive the heavy object to move. The working principle of the screw jack is very simple, mainly through the rotation of the worm gear, driving the screw to rise and fall to achieve the purpose of lifting or pushing or pulling.


1.Screw type

The screw passes through the box and moves linearly. The screw itself does not rotate. The head of the screw needs to be fixed. The specific selection criteria need to determine the specific model according to the stability of the length of the screw. In the condition of large space and small travel.

2. Nut type

The screw rotates in place, and the nut on the screw moves the animal body in a linear motion. To control the rotation of the nut in this form, it is necessary to fix the nut and the lifting object together, or add a guide device. Compact structure, suitable for working conditions with large stroke.

The screw jack models are different, and the applicable working conditions are also different. Before selecting the model, you should fully understand the characteristics of each product, take advantage of its advantages, make it play a more role, and also extend its service life.


The installation space of the customer is limited. If the form of screw movement is used, there is not enough space for the screw to retract. If the nut operation is selected, the stroke of more than 2M, the screw needs to be very thick, and a large frame size needs to be selected. Little waste.

In this case, the box running type can be used. It is necessary to further consider that when the worm gear and the screw in the box move up and down, if there is a slight lateral force, it will cause a large friction between the screw and the internal thread of the worm gear. Over time, the internal thread will be worn out, the internal thread on the worm gear will be damaged, the screw clearance will become larger, if it is severely worn, it will slip, and will not rise or fall.

In the use of screw jacks, the box movement form is not common in daily use, but it is a mature solution for Nosen Mechanical & Electronic. Simple data such as load, stroke, speed and span are provided to the technology, and you can provide With a full set of plans, three-dimensional drawings and CAD installation drawings, Nosen Mechanical & Electronic Technology specializes in providing lifting systems required in complex working conditions, with safety guaranteed.


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