What is the difference between a trapezoidal screw jack and a ball screw jack? You will understand after reading!

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2020-11-04 14:09

1. Transmission efficiency of screw jack.

The transmission efficiency of the ball screw jack is about 90~96%, and the transmission efficiency of the trapezoidal screw jack is about 26~46%. That is, if the same large load is driven, the ball screw jack can use a smaller driving power, such as a motor with a lower power, which can reduce the cost and energy consumption.

2. Transmission speed of screw jack.

Ball screw jacks are rolling friction, and trapezoid screw jacks are sliding friction. The temperature rise of the former is much lower than the latter during work, so it can undertake high-speed transmission tasks.

3. Service life of screw jack.

The surface damage of rolling friction is much smaller than that of sliding friction. Therefore, when the conditions of cleaning and lubrication are met, the maintenance life of the ball screw jack is much higher than that of the trapezoid screw jack.

4. Self-locking property of screw jack.

The self-locking property is generally inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency. Therefore, the ball screw jack has almost no self-locking property, and the trapezoidal screw jack has a certain self-locking property (depending on the lead angle and the roughness of the working surface).

5. Economical of screw jack.

From the previous and current situation, the ball screw jack is still more expensive than the trapezoidal screw jack due to its more complicated structure than the trapezoidal screw jack. However, with the increase in automation equipment and increased production, the price difference is getting smaller.


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