How to adjust the screw jack when assembly

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2020-11-26 15:40

The screw jack (spiral jack) has a very wide range of applications. It has a simple structure, strong reliability, long service life, and extremely low repair rate. Now it has been recognized by more and more customers. The screw jack can be self-locked, even if it has a load, it can be self-locked without taking other braking measures. It can be driven manually or driven by a motor. These characteristics make it can be applied in various of conditions.

The inside of the screw jack is a worm gear structure, which is a common mechanism for achieving linear motion. When the equipment is in operation, the worm drives the worm wheel to rotate, and the internal thread of the worm wheel drives the screw to move linearly.

We all think that selection and production are very important. In fact, we have overlooked the importance of assembly. When the parts and accessories of each screw jack are transferred to the assembly department, the assembly personnel check the assembly one by one. It can be said that this is where the screw jack is finally formed. So what are the important things that need to be paid attention to in the assembly process?

  1. The assembly of the screw jack should be carried out according to the assembly process, otherwise the process interference will occur, which will affect the normal installation of other components.
  2. The parts are handed over by the custodians, so the assembler should check each part. It is not allowed to assemble without inspection by inspectors or wet paint.
  3. It is best to preheat and expand the bearing during assembly, so that the bearing can be easily installed.
  4. The large cover and small cover of the screw jack, try not to use various gaskets for installation.
  5. After the assembly is completed, carry out a trial operation, which can be close to the allowable input revolution, and inject grease into the box to reduce the gap and achieve a perfect state.
  6. After the trial operation is completed, the packaging department will encapsulate it, and the quality inspection personnel will issue a certificate and instructions for use before packaging.

Due to the wear between the worm and worm wheel, the gap between the worm and worm wheel is getting larger, which affects the normal work. Therefore, it is necessary to make the screw jack to move around to compensate for the error of the single item of precision, so as to be assembled with the low point of the end circle of the thrust bearing.

The materials and accessories of the screw jack produced by our company use the best materials to ensure the working life of the screw jack and the working efficiency under harsh conditions. Moreover, the sealing of the housing enables the worm and worm wheel structure to operate for a longer period of time in a good and clean environment.

The screw jack is a multi-tooth meshing drive, and the transmission of it is equivalent to a screw drive. Therefore, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the mechanism is self-locking. When the lead angle of the worm is smaller than the equivalent friction angle between the teeth of the meshing wheels, reverse self-locking can be achieved, that is, the worm wheel can only be driven by the worm, but the worm can not be driven by the worm wheel.

The above is the content that Nosen prepares today. Since it was established, we had created the entire sales process according to our won specifications.

From the selection, making plans, production, assembly, quality inspection, we also have our own set of management systems to ensure raw materials (accessories) ,production assembly and delivery are tracked by dedicated inspectors in the whole process to achieve a traceable result, so that the quality and appearance of each product meets customer requirements. This is what we have been insisting on and we must do.



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