What drive does the screw jack use to operate?

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2020-12-01 13:43

The installation of the screw jack is very simple, and it is very convenient to use. In particular, the choice of its drivers can be said to be very diverse.

For example, handwheel drive, belt wheel drive, sprocket drive, connecting reducer or motor direct connection, etc., this driving mode determines its application range is very wide. And because its internal structure is a worm gear structure, this structure with variable speed, even if the use of handwheel can use a small force to drive very heavy items.

Lead screw jack is usually driven by motor. The same motor can drive more than one screw jack at the same time to achieve mechanical synchronization.

So how to choose the right driving source for the screw jack? Today we will focus on the selection of these handwheels and motor drive sources.

The first is the selection of handwheel, in this case, the customer is not too high for precision requirements, only need the lift to do a lifting movement, or to fine-tuning the position of the item adjustment, this situation can be used in the input shaft end with the handwheel.

Then there is the motor, the motor is divided into three-phase asynchronous motor,

servo motor and stepping motor.

We start with the three-phase asynchronous motor, the technical staff will according to your specific use, to calculate the power for you, and then according to the data to choose more than the calculated power of 30%~40% of the power to choose.

Then there is the servo motor. Its starting torque is very big, which means that it starts very fast. It can reach the rated speed in a very short time, and it can start and stop frequently.

Servo motor plus our company's high precision screw jack, the precision can be controlled in 0.01mm, and its starting torque is large, can reach the rated speed in a short time, its choice mainly depends on the torque data.

The latter is the stepping motor, its volume is small, suitable in the working condition of the workpiece is not enough in the project, it is an open loop control, through the driver's pulse can control the speed. Compared with the servo motor, the stepper motor will start more slowly, because its frequency has a process from low to high, the torque will be smaller. Therefore, stepping motor is a very good choice in the environment that does not need high-speed operation.

The performance difference in the use of each motor is different, so customers need to be based on their own use environment, reasonable choice of driving source is also a crucial link. Understand the motor, and then choose the right motor. More information welcome to log in our company's website, NOSEN mechanical and electrical will continue to provide you with good services and products.


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