Specification of trapezoidal Screw

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2019-07-30 14:37

With a large load capacity, high precision, and low noise, screw jack is featured as energy saving and environmental friendly. Out of the different screw adopted, there are two kinds of screw jack--trapezoidal screw jack and ball screw jack, and the working condition of them is also different. Trapezoidal screw jacks, which is self-locking, mainly used in the low-frequency and low-speed working environment, while the ball screw is suitable for high-frequency and high-speed working environment. As the different stroke of ball screw adopted, not all of them work in a self-locking way. Brake device, such as brake motor, should be installed if ball screw needed to be self-locking. 



45 steel adopted for trapezoidal screws, which guarantees the quality of the product and ensures the accuracy of the transmission.


What this passage want to show is the specification of trapezoidal screw.




First, a comprehensive consideration must be taken into the selection--both of the lifting capacity, speed, stroke, installation direction, accuracy of positioning and other conditions.


      Second, specifications of the screw should be settled, which decided by its accuracy level, diameter, pitch and length.

      Third, confirmation of the safety of the screw must be done. To achieve that, the maximum lifting capacity and the maximum speed should be fully considered here--the speed should works within its maximum allowance. The period of the useful life must be also determined. 

      Finally, test the performance of the screw--rigidity and positioning should be improved if necessary. The variability of useful life caused by temperature should be also considered.




The complicatedly material selection is a very important part  for the trapezoidal screw. Only the accurate data can help to produce the most suitable product for customers. 



Above is the introduction about screw selection of trapezoidal screw jack, which edited by NOSEN M&E TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Other products such as ball screw jack, bevel gear screw jack and their price, delivery period, model selection and its information, please contact us directly.




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