Maintenance of ball screw jack

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2019-07-31 15:01

  Composition of highly accurate ball screw and worm gear , ball screw jack is mainly used for high-speed, high-frequency and high-performance . With the running speed greatly improved than common worm gear screw jack, it features an easy adjustment and operation. High quality of ball screw adopted makes its useful life 3 times longer than ordinary trapezoidal screw.




  But how to do the maintenance?

 1. The choice of mechanical equipment lubricants is often not taken seriously. Choosing the right lubricant to ensure the jack reaches its designed useful life. Lubricating oils and greases protect the jacks from anti-corrosion, applicability of these two lubrication must be evaluated and comprehensively considerate before choose.

  2.Proper lubrication prevents most contaminants from the screw nut, which greatly reduces the damage which caused by external contaminants. Anti-rust would be applied for the parts during transportation, which must be all wiped before lubrication using.




  3.Various methods can be used to fill lubricant into the ball screw jack and retain that within the nut. For example, when using grease lubricating, grease is added to the nut through the hole on the nut body or nut flange. There are scrapers or seals on both ends to prevent grease from leaking and external contaminants from entering the nut. For oil lubricating , a lubrication device with a pump and filtration system is required, and the oil filling method should be also considered.



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