Trapezoidal screw and the trapezoidal screw jack

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2019-08-01 16:16

  Trapezoidal screw usually serves on low-speed and low-frequency conditions, main parts of the trapezoidal screw jack are  high precision trapezoidal screw and driving nut.

  Features--compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

  Application--mainly used for conditions of heavy loading, low-speed and low frequency. 


  Self-locking--self-locking function of trapezoidal screw maintains the load without any brake. When subjected to large vibrations and impact loads, this function may occasionally fail. In this case, a brake device is required.




  1.Maximum lifting capacity of trapezoidal screw jack could be up to 250 tons.


  2. Positioning accuracy comprehensively reaches 0.1mm.

  3.The trapezoidal screw jack overload clutch can be equipped to prevent overloading, it can also be achieved by equipping an overload pressure sensor. 


  4.Driving system: 12V or 24V continuous current dynamo, single-phase AC motor and three-phase AC motor, no any gas or hydraulic source consumption occur.


  5.Synchronization of the trapezoidal screw jack:synchronous lifting could be realized by multiple sets of screw rods, which driven by gear motor through mechanical coupling.



  6. Position control: regulated by converter or controller, encoder is configured to achieve precise closed-loop positioning. If the requirement of accuracy is not such strict, potentiometer can be equipped to realize the speed control.


  7.Due to the low efficiency of the integrated transmission, self-locking is applied to most of trapezoidal screw jack, which increases the safety of equipment operation.

  8.Compared with other elevators, trapezoidal screw jack features an easy maintenance and its low noise, which can also work in the high or low temperature, anti-corrosion or explosion-proof environments. For its famous design features--self-locking, synchronization, precision positioning, speed and thrust control.





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