Development of screw jack industires

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2019-08-05 16:29

  With the development of market diversification, China's jack industry has gradually changed its development mode. Under such background, the market demands gradually move toward to the innovation technology which features as low-energy, low-pollution, low-noise and high-value-added.



  In other words, in such new era of the innovation and development of screw jack, company which could preemptively develop the innovation technology matched the target market, then it could stably stay in the mainstream of China's jack industry development with a unparalleled market advantage.




  Now, with the raising awareness of environmental protection, low carbon and green economy have been the inevitable choice of the sustainable development in domestic screw jack industry. Relying on the unique advantages of intangible assets of the company, the brand has become the core value for the long-term competition of the company under the promotion of the green economy.



  NOSEN meets the needs of the market,  subtly discover the problems of hydraulic and aerostatic on the function of self-locking and accurate positioning. To conquer that, NOSEN combines its decades experience of transmission product manufacturing, independently developed NOSEN screw jack---trapezoidal screw jack & ball screw jack.

  After products launched to the market, it got mass of support and recognition from new or regular customers. NOSEN screw jack is widely used in machine design for its self-locking and accurate positioning which has been recognized by many mechanical engineers and mechanical designers, and has become a trend in the mechanical transmission market.






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