Features & performance of NOSEN screw jack

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2019-08-07 15:51

Screw jack is mainly composed of a housing, an input worm, a copper worm gear with internal threads and other accessories. Lifting capacity ranges from 0.5 tons to 100 tons which is different in various models. Dynamic capacity ranges from 0.3 tons to 26 tons, maximum speed can be 3600mm/min.


There are 4 screw top end available--top plate, clevis end, thread end and plain end (standard type), which could be further processed base on requirements. 




Multifunction, light weight, noiseless, compact structure, convenient installation, flexible use, wide power source, high transmission efficiency and long useful life.


Different installation could support lifting, landing, elevating, pushing, rotating or other methods. Works in a single or multiple linkage way, which can be driven directly by motor or manually, NOSEN screw jacks accurately control the lifting height according to certain procedures.

Functional Difference:

 Beside high-performance screw jack, NOSEN is also researching and developing other intellectual transmission products such as bevel gearbox or servo cylinder . On the basis of linear transmission products such as screw jack , spiral gearbox and servo electric cylinder, our company equipped with the power that produced by stepper motors and servo motor and the control that provided by the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) system. Now, we have attained the standard that the man-machine operates automatically in the way of rapid shift, accurate positioning and safety self-locking.

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