Lubrication for screw jack

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2019-08-08 17:19

Screw jacks usually factory in the statement of lubrication oil or grease filling. Lubricating oil generally consisted of two parts: base oil and additives. Base oil is the main component of the oil, which determines its properties. Additives make up the shortage and improve the performance of the base oil. It is also an important part of the oil which gives new properties.



  Used in various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect the mechanical and processing parts, lubricating oil is mainly for lubricating, cooling, rust preventing, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Oil type of lubricant account for 85% of all lubricated materials, with many brands and types, the annual consumption is about 38 million tons.

Requirment of usage:


(1) Antifriction and anti-wear, reduce frictional resistance for energy saving, reduce wear and tear to prolong mechanical life and improve economic efficiency;


(2) cooling, the friction heat must be discharged outside the machine at any time;


(3) Sealing, requiring leakage prevention, dustproof, and anti-collar;


(4) Corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, protecting friction surface from oil deterioration or external erosion;


(5) Cleaning and rinsing, it is required to clean the friction area.


(6) Stress dispersion buffering, dispersing load and mitigating shock and shock absorption;

(7) Kinetic energy transmission, stepless speed change the hydraulic system and remote control motor and friction.


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