Application of screw jack

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2019-08-09 17:55

Screw jacks are widely used in many industries ,such as chemical, medical, cultural, health, etc.  And from the various parts of the device, it can be learned that such devices features in many aspects. In order to have a better understanding of the device, people are supposed to have a more comprehensive knowledge of them.




   Base on such features, applications of products in low-speed and low-frequency achieve a high utilization. For its features and compact structure, products works for a high economic benefit and it is easy for maintenance.


  Type of NOSEN screw jack:Trapezoidal & ball screw jack, heavy duty trapezoidal & ball screw jack, bevel gear screw jack, and so on.

  Playing defferent roles in varies industies and environment, NOSEN screw jack brings many convinience to peoples working life.  They have also been applied to our daily life and give a full play to its advantages--amusement facilities, construction of reservoirs or bridges, stage lifting, delivery transportation, and shooting angles of film and TV, and so on.



  Regarding the features of screw jack, it is recognized that the effect of loading maintaining is extremely well qualified, a better understanding of screw jack, achieves a better understanding in such industry.The effect is very optimistic for its application in simple workspaces.



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