Features & Performance of NOSEN spiral bevel gearbox

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2019-08-12 17:57

T series gearbox box has multiple input and output forms--single axis, single vertical axis, double horizontal axis and double vertical axis. Spiral bevel gearbox is a special type of gearbox, with double input shafts and output shafts, there are two pairs of bevel gears inside. Input directions of the double umbrella shaft are opposite, while that of the through-shaft is the same. Compared with the T series gearbox,such gearbox has multiple sets of bevel gears, which with multiple input or output shafts.



 For NOSEN spiral bevel gearbox RNV series


RNV-065, RNV-090, RNV-120, RNV- 160,RNV-200, etc



Any mechanical & simple device in any place.

90 degree angle changes the drive direction, the maximum speed is 1500 rpm.

Gear transmission efficiency can reach 95%, speed ratio is available for 1:1, 2:1, which can be customized.

Application: textile industry, food processing machinery, conveying machinery, packaging machinery, automation machinery, etc.



  Spiral bevel gears adopted, the vertical installation of the gear achieves changes of the transmission direction. Made of alloy steel, which is fully carburized and hardened, gears have a high rigidity and a wear resistance.


Gear: cast iron, six sides processed by plane horizontal processing, surface gloss.


Bearing: Tapered roller bearing adpoted, which is able to withstand greater torque.


Shafts: No. 45 steel adopted, after carburizing heat treatment, which has high suspension load capacity.


Input torque: 5.8-1005NM

Input power: 1.2-209HP

Shaft matching:

1 input shaft--1 output shaft (1 way)

1 input shaft--2 output shafts (2 ways)

1 input shaft--3 output shafts (3 ways)

1 input shaft--4 output shafts (4 ways)



Rotation: clockwise or counter-closckwise, with various input & output directions, which changed easily by mounting flexibly.

Noise distribution: < 80ab

Transimission efficiency: 95%

Working temparature:-20℃~+80


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