Comparation of screw jacks and hydrualic elevator

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2019-08-13 15:43


  Nowadays, with the steady development of linear transmission industries, many stereotyped and poor production have been replaced for its high cost and poor performance. Next, we are going to make a comprehensive comparation  between screw jack and hydralic elevator.              


  Firstly,potential security risks exist during the usage of hydraulic elevator, which surge its fatal weakness--the failure of hydrualic transmission. There is no doubt that stability in the use of screw jacks is better than that of hydrualic elevator. Out of the self-locking feature, screw jacksusing stability is guaranteed under the accident of power interrrupting, overloading and conponentsdamaging. 

  Secondly, screw jack also features by the structure of worm gear and shaft tramsmission, which cost relatively low but meet the needs of various industries and occasions. The cost of the hydraulic elevator is relatively high. For the hydraulic pump station alone, its cost far exceeds that of the screw jack. 

  Thirdly, screw jacks are suitable for any place for its small size and heavy loading capacity, which will not be limited by size and space.The installation and use of the screw jack is suitable for any space. With its small size and large bearing capacity,it suffers no limitation imposed by size and space.On the contary, hydraulic elevator has a larger size, and in addition to the overall lifting platform, the placement of the hydraulic pump station is also needed to be considered. On this point, it seems screw jack is a better choice for lifting.

Base on those evidences, we believe that screw jack is actually owns a higher performance and a lower cost than hydrualic elevator. Besides that, linear products such as worm gear screw jack also have the conditions to replace hydraulic elevator.


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