Speed specifications of NOSEN screw jack

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2019-08-14 16:17

  With small size,light weight,and easy installation,NOSEN screw jack carrying loading from 0.5T to 100T. Driven by screw or traveling nut, it is suitable for various working conditions. When process model selecting, please make sure that its static load and impact suffered shall not exceed the allowance. Comprehensive consideration must be taken to the safety factor, the stroke and the stability of the screw.


  There are two kinds of speed for NOSEN screw jack-- fast speed (N) & low speed (L). Under the same model, transmission rate of N is smaller than that of L,while screw also has a longer travel at N. Overall efficiency of screw jacks under L is less than that in normal speed. When driven by external force, different torque surged by different input rpm and a larger torque achieved in L.Hand wheel is suggested in L speed as it could be more labor saved.


Let's take RNG018 model as an example:

There are two ratios for two travel speed--high speed (N) &low speed (L).

Screw jacks in high speed(N): With screw produce an advance of 1 mm for each revolution of the worm shaft. The linear speed is 1500 mm per min at 1500 rpm.


Screw jacks in low speed(L): With screw produce an advance of 0.25 mm for each full revolution of the worm shaft.The linear speed is 375 mm per min at 1500 rpm.


The speed of RNG series with the ball screw depends on the  ratio of the worm and the lead of the ball screw. To achieve a higher speed, we recommended the products of RNS series, which also developed by our company, the speed can reach up to 12000mm/min. Please contact us for more RNS product information if necessary.

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