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2019-08-15 16:25

Under the in-depth study of market demands, NOSEN Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. actively promotes the developing of new products in recent years. This passage is for our new product--heavy duty servo cylinder. Repeatability of positioning  has been controled within ±0.01mm, which widely used in automobile, eletrical devices, manufaturing of mechanical automation and the assemble line to the control capability of  intelligent automation.

Combination of the servo motor and the ball screw, NOSEN servo cylinder methodically turns the rotated motion of the motor into the linear way, with the exactitude of linear transmission has also been achieved. Closed-loop control of servo motor and a higher accuracy of the ball screw control the linear drive thrust, speed and position precisely. 


Via the connection of the servo controller, the PLC and the touch screen, programmatic human-machine interface operation and networked control have been realized.

Accuracy control: Servo cylinder pinpoints the stroke location in an accurate way, repeatedly positioning accuracy up to 0.02mm. Matching external displacement sensor, that could be up to 0.005mm, high speed and smooth movement occurs without any impact.


Efficiency of transmission and accuracy of repeated positioning are high for the ball screw adopted. With small & compact structure , the servo motor works with the permanent output of torque, low noise and a quick response. For its complete protective feature, the servo motor is energetic saving and environmental friendly, which also serves for a convenient installation and a longer useful life and widely used in the market.


Exist for electromechanical technology and develop for intelligent transmission!

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