Linear actuator

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2019-08-23 16:57

 With the approaching of industrial age 4.0 and the higher requirment of automation, linear actuator emerged to satisfy many needs.But how much do you know about it? NOSEN, the manufacturer the linear actuator, would like to share some information about such product.


 Linear actuator, also known as servo cylinder, eletric actuator, electric cylinders, electric slides, linear slides, industrial robot arms and so on.


 Combination of the servo motor and the screw, NOSEN linear actuator methodically turns the rotated motion of the motor into a linear way, which also turns the advantages of servo motor -- precise retating speed control, precise revolution control, precise torque control into accurate speed control, precise position control, precise force control. This new revolutionary product achieves a higher-precision linear motion series.



 The structure of the linear actuator is relatively simple--the driving structure, the speed reducing structure, the linear transmission structure and the fold transmission structure. 4 types driving motor is available for such product--DC motor, AC motor, stepper motor and servo motor. Generally, there are 4 structures serve for the speed reduction--gear, worm gear and shaft, planetary gear and harmonic gear retarder, and 4 linear transmission system adpoted--trapezoidal screw, ball screw, roller screw and sliding guide.


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