Normal and right usage of screw jack

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2019-08-29 14:59

  Besides the rationality of motor selection,the stationarity of mounting surface must be also ensured during the using process of NOSEN screw jack. A smooth and firm mounting surface gives guarantee of the normal use and the useful life of products.   

  When inclination happens, deviations of threaded rod make an error meshing of worm gear and shaft, which bring a damaging wear to the gear tooth.



    Motor should be installed properly during the products using, there are two types of motor installation--products connected directly or coupling joint. Different power of motor selected base on the various loading of screw jack, normal application would be affcted if products matched with an unsuitable motor power.


1.Decompressors and clamp devices of lifting platform in mechanical processing industries, upenders and tester of lifting platform. 

2.The adjustment of clearance of roller wheels in flattener, the structural adjustment of transit location of pipes and panels.

3.The structural adjustment of thickness of sheets of plastic machine. 

4.Lifting plaform for the installation and maintenance of ladder, devices, automobiles and mechanics.

5.High-temperature oven’s retractable structure.

6.Height adjustment for plastic container blowing machinery.



7.Casting mold or coagulation molding.


8.Poles adjustment and hydrothermal casting in smelting industry.


9.Devices mobility and combination in construction industry, which serves for the lifting of windows, walls, enclosures.


10.Stage lifting, adjustment of swimming pool’s ground level and the height of operating table in some recreation and hygiene aspects.


11. Lifting the sluice gate and preventer plate of reservoirs.  


12. Manual regulation which can not be applied in science research.


  Radical force is allowed to be applied to threaded rod to some extent. Belt pulley, chain wheel and gear are available for installation for customer requirment.  Regular maintenance is important for screw shaft, which could prolong its useful life and guarantee the normal application by its lubricating function.


  In the process of usage,staff should have a regular inspectation of the content of lubricating oil in reducer. Besides that oil, grease is always applied to screw jacks. Regular inspectation of lubricant is important to the screw jack during using course.


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