Screw jacks linkage lifting systems

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2019-08-30 17:04

  Besides the single machine working, NOSEN screw jack is also designed for the multiple linkage lifting. To satisfy different requirments and installation conditions, our company research various screw jack lifting systems for customersreference.

  Diversity of the linkage systems brings customers more options. Such systems can be applied to all products-- for example, screw jacks and worm gear screw jacks which NOSEN produced.

  Before the system designed, weight, stroke and operating demands must be clarified, non- axial additional loads must be also taken into consideration. Loads of single screw jack must be cleared once the quantity and installation type settled, then the driven sequence of the system should be defined. 


Jacks must be operated at the same rate.

Couplings used as connection should be as few as possible.


Motor should be connected with the jack which bears the largest loads.


For the transmission efficiency:

  The efficiency of the two jacks linkage is 95%, while three linkages is 90%, four linkages is 85%, and the six or eight linkages is 80%.

  Above is the diagram of NOSEN screw jack lifting system, please be careful while using so that a longer useful life could be ensured.


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