What is the difference between the use of a screw jack and a servo motor cylinder? NOSEN electromechanical to answer.

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2021-01-06 15:34

Screw jack and servo electric cylinder can realize the mechanical movement into linear movement back and forth, in comparison, due to the servo motor and servo electric cylinder screw jack combination makes the servo electric cylinder of thrust, speed and position control is more precise and therefore is widely used in modern digital and network technology, and other fields, which can realize programmed control, the cost is higher.


NOSEN Electromechanical Solution:

Lead screw jack can choose trapezoidal lead screw or high precision ball screw jack according to the use requirements. Worm wheel screw elevator as a basic lifting parts, its structure and principle is simple, using worm wheel and screw combination to realize the reduction of lifting, easy to use type selection, according to different use requirements can choose trapezoidal screw or ball screw. Screw elevator connection can be used in a variety of forms. It can be used by a single set or a combination of sets. It can be equipped with various motor drives or hand wheels for manual lifting.

The servo cylinder servo motor is directly connected with the lead screw of the drive cylinder, so that the encoder of the servo motor can directly feedback the displacement of the moving piston of the motor cylinder, reduce the inertia gap of the intermediate link, and improve the control accuracy. The case is high strength aviation aluminum alloy, hard oxidation treatment beautiful and generous.

High precision ball screw can run continuously and frequently, high precision, high transmission efficiency; The electric cylinder is directly connected to the motor or connected by synchronous belt, with high efficiency and the speed up to 2m/s. It can be started and stopped at any position.

It is reported that NOSEN machinery was established in 2003, relying on linear drive products such as screw lift, cross steering, servo electric cylinder and non-standard customization, carrying stepper and servo motor as power, matching PLC programmable control system, achieving fast displacement, accurate positioning and safe self-locking automatic man-machine operation.


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