"Secret" of servo electric cylinder, positioning accuracy less than 0.01mm!

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2021-01-18 14:53

Is the servo motor and servo electric cylinder screw integration design of modular products, the servo motor rotation movement into linear motion, at the same time to best advantage - servo motor speed control precision, precise control of revolution, accurate torque control into - precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control; Achieve high precision linear motion series of new revolutionary products.

NOSEN electromechanical as a representative of the servo electric cylinder in the field of brand, since its inception, has always been to screw elevator, cross steering gear, the servo electric cylinder, non-standard custom based on linear transmission products, such as carrying stepper, servo motor as the power, matching PLC programmable control system, to achieve rapid displacement, accurate positioning, safe self-locking automation man-machine operation.

The products are widely used in test equipment, environmental instruments, robots, plastic machinery, automobile testing equipment, packaging machinery, medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, aerospace equipment, etc., the company's production capacity of 100,000 pieces/year, with a strong supporting supply capacity.


Exist for electromechanical technology and develop for intelligent transmission!

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