Operation screw jack must pay attention to these points!

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2021-01-28 14:05

In the daily work, a lot of work will involve the screw jack, and for the user of the machine, easy to operate the machine is a good machine. But, a lot of people do not know how to operate screw jack all the time, today NOSEN mechanical and electrical will take you to find out!

Screw jack, namely spiral transmission mechanism, has a very wide range of USES, because the structure is simple, high efficiency, more and more get the favor of customers. The advantage of the screw jack is that it can block itself without any other measures being taken, so it is easy for most people to use it.

However, when operating the screw jack, the operator must pay attention to the following points:


First of all, the elevator must be equipped with professionals who are very skilled in the operation of the screw jack and know the operating principle of the screw jack. At the same time, the staff must wear safety belts and operate according to the regulations when working in live areas.

Secondly, before the lift operation, the person in charge of the work should carefully check whether the lift is complete, to the operator for technical and safety explanation.

Finally, after the use of the screw jack, the need for careful maintenance, not only the fuselage maintenance, but also the maintenance of the internal parts of the fuselage.

Therefore, in the operation of the screw jack, must be carried out in accordance with the provisions. In addition, the cross steering is the same, although the operation process is very simple, but if not in accordance with the provisions of the operation, will affect the normal work of the screw elevator.


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